How it works

The purpose of BarCuffs is to quickly and safely secure your vehicle without having to worry about your secure tie-downs or soft straps slipping, or the scratches, blemishes or shifting that can happen while transporting your vehicle. It’s crucial to carry your BarCuffs in a saddlebag or other storage area on your vehicle in order to be prepared if a flat tire, blowout or other vehicle malfunction occurs and towing assistance is required. BarCuffs provide the best in motorcycle tie downs when you need to leave your vehicle unattended overnight or a few hours by preventing theft through locking your bike or vehicle to your truck or trailer. In order to lock, you’ll simply replace one bike tie-down hook with a lock and cable, and replace the motorcycle tie- down hook through the lock to evenly secure your vehicle back onto the truck or trailer.

The BarCuff is one of the strongest tie downs that can provide excellent value while transporting your vehicle. Harley tie downs or motorcycle tie downs like BarCuffs can be used as a point of location on tubing that does not have an eye loop or another place to secure a rope or a strap. BarCuffs have so many uses and it seems that every day people are coming up with even more ideas for to make use of this wonderful tool.

The function of a BarCuff as an especially strong tie-down method is as a stainless-steel forged metal clamp that has a tested strength of an incredible 2,000 pounds. It includes interchangeable rubber inserts that start at 7/8”, 1”, 1 1⁄4” and eventually 1 1⁄2”, 1 3⁄4” and 2” tuing for transporting and use with motorcycle tie-downs and Harley tie-downs. There are two holes that meet flush when clamped around the tubing, which is slightly tapered in order to make a secure clamp around the tubing when a secure tie-down hook is linked through and tightened so as not to slip, scratch or blemish, and to prevent road vibrations.

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