Why choose us?

Imagine for one second you’re in hand cuffs.. You’re in the back of a cop car with this cold steel around your wrists that is clamped down way too tight. It’s uncomfortable and cutting into your skin. Wouldn’t you rather these “cuffs” be padded with a soft thick rubber...? 🤔

Anyways, we are sure you get the point! 

We have served customers for over 10 years, offering the best in protection and safety for riders and the transportation industry. Our products required years of development just so we could bring you something new and exciting. Bar Cuffs will keep your bike safe and comfortable for years to come!


Not all tows and trailers feel soft and smooth...

But yours could! 

Most tow trucks come out with old rusty chains or warped tie down and straps. With Bar Cuffs, it doesn’t matter who comes with what. Your bike will always have a firm and comfortable ride home.